Wendy Williams has recently opened up about her past cocaine addiction, to help promote “Be Here,” the Hunter Foundation’s national campaign to combat drug and substance abuse.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wendy says she is okay with speaking out about the issue.

She also admitted that she was able to work while addicted to cocaine, and while everyone at her job knew about it, no one intervened.

“I was a functioning addict,” she continued. “I’d report to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers- including my bosses- would know, but instead of firing me…I would grab my headphones and arrogantly walk into the studio and dare them to fire me and [they] wouldn’t fire me, because I was making ratings.”

Wendy Williams went on to explain that as a functioning addict, she was always prepared despite being on the drug.

“A functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized,” she explained.

A few months ago, Williams took a brief hiatus from her stint on her morning talk show, in order to cope with health issues. She suffers from hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease, and fainted during the Halloween 2017 episode of her show.