Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are set to star alongside each other in the forthcoming comedy film Night School, but their friendship goes back a lot further than that. Haddish once received a small loan from Hart years ago, when he realized she was living in her car, but now that she’s successful enough to pay him back, he’s refusing to accept the $300.

Haddish ambushed Hart while on the Night School set, and Hart later posted footage of her doing so on his Instagram. “She has been trying to pay me back for years & I refused to take the money so she ambushed me on set and made it rain on me,” he wrote. “What she doesn’t know is that I put the money back in one of her wig caps that she wasn’t wearing later that day.”

Of course, Haddish had to update fans on whether he did actually give the money back or not, and to her disappointment she later found the money in a wig cap in her bag. In her video, she’s visibly disappointed, asking, “Am I gonna have to fight you to give you this money back?!”

Her posts adds, “Thank you very much. But you getting this money back. I am paying you back! I pay all my loans off. That is something you and my grandma taught me.”