Back in 2016, Azealia claimed that she was voilently tossed out of a hotel room by Russell Crowe and spat on by him while he used offensive terms, at a party she attended that night.

Now two years later, Banks has launched a GoFundMe page with the hopes that she will be able to sue Crowe and have him donate the money to a charity that focuses on cleaning up oceans.

“Russell Crowe spit on me at a party in 2016 and denied it, had a group of people gaslight me causing irreparable damage to my acting career and my reputation as well as loads of emotional damage. Whatever money comes of this will be donated to ocean clean up charities,” she posted on the fundraising page.

Azealia goes on to say that men in Hollywood need to pay for their actions and women of color, especially black women, have faced harm in this fashion. At this point, it has been reported that Azealia is over her original cause of intent.