Following countless allegations towards R Kelly over the years about sexual misconduct specifically allegations of pedophilia, the ‘I believe I can Fly’ singer finally spoke up about his side of the story in a 19 minutes long song explaining from his point of view what happened over the years.

The track titled ‘I admit’ features R Kelly admitting to having sexual intercourse with multiple women both old and young but denying allegations that any of the incidences where non-consensual, the singer also went on to confessing that he was molested as a child until the age of 14 by a family member. He calls out Jim DeRogatis, a Chicago journalist, who first reported the the existence of the sex tape surrounding the child-pornography case with R Kelly, accusing Jim of building a career off Kelly’s name.

R Kelly sand about different women he had a run into through out the years including his ex-wife Aaliyah and his alleged kidnap victim Jocelyn Savage. In the tape, Kelly claims that Jocelyn’s parents are the ones who actually introduced the two.

Kelly denies all claims that he has brainwashed, kidnapped or controlled when these women eat.
The full audio of ‘I Admit’ is linked below.