While Vybz Kartel’s defense team was busy trying to get the Court Of Appeal to release the ‘World Boss’, prosecution has been busy finding damning text messages that were recovered from Kartel’s phone suggesting that he did indeed commit the crime.

However, it was believed that the smartphone from which these texts were recovered was tampered with while in custody of the police.

“Between me and you a chop wi chop up di bwoy Lizard fine fine and dash him weh nuh. As long as wi a live dem can never find him” was sent from Kartel’s smartphone to which the recipient responded saying, “Yea man, a mince meat that.”

Lead prosecutor, Jeremy Taylor, requested that the three judges on the Court Of Appeal to view the text messages as an admission to murder. Seeing that this is the same smartphone that was allegedly tampered with by police, the judges are indecisive as to whether or not they should consider the texts as an admission. Defense is arguing that the police made several calls from the smartphone and the text message in question was sent from the phone after the cell was already in police possession.

Jeremy Taylor is certain that the other 19 pieces of circumstantial evidence would lead the jury to reach the same verdict, with or without the judges allowing the text messages to be considered in court.