Earlier this year, ABC actress, Roseanne Barr was fired from her job for a racist joke she posted on twitter about White House adviser, Valarie Jarrett. Since then the ex-star of the sit-com Roseanne has spent her days protesting her innocence.

James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, who was recently fired from Disney for decade-old controversial tweets, has been receiving support from film collaborators, industry friends and fans resulting in Roseanne being ‘disgusted’.

“I’m disgusted to read all of the support for James Gunn’s pedophile jokes-as the same people supported blacklisting me for a joke they didn’t even understand.” Roseanne posted on twitter earlier today (July 24).

Both Barr and Gunn apologized after being fired but received opposite responses. While James Gunn fans chose to forgive him for his decade-old controversial tweets, the public has been less accepting of Barr’s racial tweet due to the fact that she posted it just before her firing and has since continued to make racial jokes proving she has not learned from her mistake.

Gunn has shown growth over the years and have not since posted any controversial tweets or made any such comments, he has remained quiet since issuing an apology in which he admitted his jokes were wrong. Roseanne was back in the headlines July 20 for posting a video in which she referred to Jarrett as a “bitch” and said she thought Jarrett “was white” when she posted her tweet.