Fat Joe and Dre have teamed up yet again to place themselves as strong contenders in the race while adding Chris Brown to their team for the song of the summer “Attention”.

With Breezy’s vocal prowess over the dance-inspired production, courtesy of Tarik Azzouz & StreetRunner, there’s no denying that “Attention” is a hit on the rise. On the song, Joe raps at length about women vying for a second chance after things have gone sour. “Ever since I put that ass in detention/You were showing ass on the crack for attention,” Joe raps as he scoffs at the idea of an opportunistic woman.

Dre then delivers a final blow as he spits about his dealings with female clout chasers. “Here we go with the same drama, you actin’ out/We seen this before, you after clout/Before you know it, you be on the outside/Lookin in, like, “Damn, I’m missin’ them good times,” he rhymes.

The audio of the song can be listened to below.