Coming to the rescue of Austin Clay, the guy who smashed Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame last week, was James Otis, the guy who smashed Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016.

Otis picked up the bail of $20,000 for Austin Clay, who is looking forward to meeting his fellow star smasher as soon as he gets out of prison. Clay has now dodged doing hard time after pleading no contest to a felony charge of vandalism. He has instead been put on three years probation, receiving 20 days worth of community service and a bill for $4,400 to replace the ruined star. Footage of the incident shows Clay going to town on Trump’s star with a pick axe, which he allegedly had concealed inside a guitar case.

Back when Otis first obliterated the star, he also used clever methods of deception; disguising himself as a construction worker so as not to attract too much attention. Otis had reportedly wanted to sell off pieces of the star in order to financially support the legal defense of 11 women, who’ve made groping allegations against Trump.