Although Demi is still in the hospital recovering from her recent drug overdose and was unable to perform at Atlantic City where she was booked for 26 July, the Lovatics still showed up to give the ‘Heart Attack’ singer their support.

Dozens of Demi fans grouped up and rented a Airbnb in Atlantic City and headed to Atlantic City boardwalk with other Lovatics on 26 July complimented with Demi shirts and ‘Stay Strong’ signs. The group of fans went live on social media and began to perform Demi’s songs ranging from ‘Confident’ to her most recent ‘Sober’.

In an interview, Paige Robison and Jake Rudzinski, who helped organize the last-minute gathering explained why they decided to follow through with the gesture. “A couple days ago with the events that happened with Demi, we found out that the show was canceled, and a lot of people traveled from Canada, Indiana, Illinois, Chicago. We were all looking forward to the concert and the disappointment of it not going on, it being canceled, it motivated me to want to still get the people who traveled all this way together to show our support to Demi, to let her know that we love her, we care for her and we’re going to stand by her”, Paige said.

“We actually live-streamed it and we were taking requests from the people who were watching around the world. We sang a lot of her hits and the songs that she just came out with from her new album, Tell Me You Love Me and we sang her newest song, ‘Sober,’ just as a tribute to her because at the end we said ‘we’ll always be there for you!'” Robison recalled. “I know that song is probably hard for her to perform and we sat and we held hands for that one.”

Some of her fans went out to get matching tattoos on their wrists with Demi’s signature heart symbol to show their undying loyalty, love and support. The show tickets were valid to go view The Chainsmokers some days after the Lauv concert.

“Tickets will be valid to attend the Lauv performance on July 26 along with The Chainsmokers show on July 29 as part of the Atlantic City BeachFest Concert Series,” a spokesman announced. “Refunds are also available at point of purchase if preferred.”

Demi is scheduled to be placed in Rehab after she gets out of the hospital a source explained.