In the midst of his never-ending battle with sex abuse allegations, R. Kelly released a 19 minutes long song titled ‘I admit’ where he sings about his side to these stories.

However, father of R. Kelly’s alleged sex slave Azriel Clary, Angelo Clary, doesn’t care about what Kelly claims to have went through and demands that the singer ‘admit’ that he is a pedophile and a deadbeat dad.

In an exclusive video for TMZ, Angelo shares his views on R. Kelly and his ‘confessions’. Angelo Clary explains that Kelly used his daughter as a sex slave when she was 17 years old, which is considered as underage in the state of Florida (where Angelo and his daughter are from). Angelo says Azriel was 17 when she met Kelly to discuss her music career. He and Azriel’s mother were there, but he claims Kelly slipped his number to Azriel when they weren’t looking. Shortly after that, she moved in with him.

Angelo said when he reported the matter, police told him there’s nothing they can do unless Azriel claims she’s being held against her will.

The exclusive video for TMZ can be viewed below.