After losing his mother back in 2007 to cosmetic surgery, Kanye is currently by his father’s side as his dad battles with prostate cancer.

Reports have shown that Ray West was diagnosed with cancer during last spring. Kanye has since dropped everything to take care of his father and insure he gets the best of the best treatment. This comes to no surprise since speculations that the death of his mother was one of the causes of his mental breakdown back in 2016. Yeezy’s parents have been divorced since he was a child but he has remained close to both throughout his adulthood.

The two (Kanye and Ray West) were reportedly spotted in Los Angeles during a sushi outing at Nobu and Ray was described as looking thin and tired. In an interview with Radar Online Ray’s ex-wife, Kanye’s former stepmother, Cheryl Carmichael stated, “He’s getting treatment and from what I understand the treatments are working.” in reference to Ray West. We wish him a safe journey through this chapter of his life.