Recently on Rich the Kid’s Instagram account a post saying “R.i.P. Rich The Kid 1992-2018” was posted allowing fans to believe that he was either dead or changing his stage name. It has been uncovered that neither of the two assumptions are correct as Young Navs another upcoming rapper has outed himself to be the hacker who posted that questionable picture.

Young Navs posted a screenshot of Rich’s account on his personal profile with the caption, “I need $750K for his Page back lil bih, FUCK #Richthekid & FUCK #richforever” . The rapper’s handle was linked in an updated caption on Rich The Kid’s post, and he took it a step further by posting a video of himself logged in on his page.

Rich’s Twitter was also compromised with the same message/video being posted, as well as off-brand jabs at Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.