With his album dropping tomorrow (August 3), Travis Scott found himself in the hot seat, but not because of his album’s content. Rapper Travis Scott has been put on blast for removing 50 year-old trans model, Amanda Lepore from the artwork cover of ‘Astroworld’.

Astroworld’s cover depicts the entrance to a dilapidated and retro-tinged theme park, which features a giant cast of Travis’ head front-and-center, with semi-naked models littered around the foreground posing that will catch the eye. Amanda Lepore took to Twitter after she released that she was removed from the finally cover artwork, directing the question ‘why am I not in the final picture?’ to Travis Scott.

Fans of the model then started to accuse Travis of being Trans-phobic.

“Very disappointing that Travis Scott edited out Amanda Lepore out of this David LaChapelle photo. Transphobic????,” Perez Hilton tweeted.

“Also fun fact: u can tell exactly the mindset and beliefs of (presumably) travis and (specifically) his fans by the repulsive remarks they share about a very valid complaint about the artwork regardless of who’s complaining. Grab a towel. Your phobias are showing.” a drag queen tweeted.