‘Sober’ singer, Demi Lovato, recently had a relapse into her bad drug habit after being sober for 6 years that landed her in the hospital. The singer has been in the hospital for over a week now and is allegedly taking her health very serious this time, as it was reported that she accepted the the plans that were made to place her into a rehab facility as soon as she gets out of the hospital.

It has not been disclosed whether or not the live-in rehab facility Demi would be attending is in California (her current location) or in a different state. However, we are positive that family and friends of Demi would ensure that she gets the best of the best treatment.

Family of the ‘Stone Cold thought it was best to wait until Lovato was stable, since she encountered complications while in the hospital, to pitch the idea of the live-in rehab facility to her.

“Her and her team need to decide what is the best decision for Demi once she leaves the hospital. Demi has told the people close to her that she is serious about her sobriety, and plans to do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward.” a source close to Demi reported.

Demi expressed her feelings and let the world know she relapsed in her recent song, Sober, where she sang, “Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore/ And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor/ To the ones who never left me/ We’ve been down this road before/ I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore.”