Shiggy, the comedian who originally started the Drake ‘In My Feelings’ challenge, has a message for all the fans who are keeping up with the new craze.

“The ‘do the Shiggy’ challenge started with me doing a dance outside in the street with my friends,” he said. “But it got escalated to a different level… The message I have for kids doing this challenge is to be safe, stay in a safe area and just do the dance, you don’t have to get outside your car or do it in a moving car or anything involving a car you can do this anywhere. So kids be safe.”

Multiple injuries were reported when fans did the challenge and took it to dangerous extremes. Some went as far as jumping out of moving cars to perform the dance.

An Iowa teenager was in intensive care after fracturing her skull during a failed attempt. Shiggy expressed that he never expected people to get hurt in his challenge and called the response to the dance “crazy” and “overwhelming.”