Trinidadian artist, Machel Montano, was getting ready to go to a Toronto venue where he was scheduled to perform when he got a call saying that the show had been cancelled.

Reasons why the show was canceled are still unknown. The show had promises of being one of the main events of Toronto’s annual Caribana Festival as it was already sold out.

When asked about the unfortunate cancellation, Montano responded that he was saddened by the outcome.

“Last night came as a big unfortunate surprise. As I was getting dressed to head to the venue we got a call from the promoter that the show had been cancelled because the venue permit had been revoked. I guess the word got out to the authorities that I was going to flatten the place! I’m truly saddened that I was not able to perform for the fans – I never miss a show and this one was not in my, our my team’s, control. The show had sold out days in advance, a testament to the strength and excitement of the Soca and Caribbean community in Toronto. I love performing here and we were going to have a time together last night.” Machel stated.

“I respect the work of the promoters @sosfestto; I have worked with them for years and know the level of dedication and love they have for our culture – and to their integrity, they are refunding everyone’s monies for this slip up.” he went on to express.

“And, Toronto, don’t worry, this just means that I will have to come back, and with my full band and dancers to deliver the Soca Kingdom experience in full. I will not leave Toronto without a show for 2018,” he said promising fans a show before 2018 finishes.

Those responsible for cancelling the show wrote a statement informing fans that they will be refunded within the next 72 hours and ensures that an explanation for the cancellation would be given as soon as possible.

Other artists that were booked to perform at the concert were Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons, Destra, Rupee, Shal Marshall, Voice, Patrice Roberts, Ravi B and Karma with Nisha B, Gregory and Nishard M, and Logun.