Vybz Kartel’s court appeal is no secret as it has been aired over most news stations in Jamaica, however Sean Paul doesn’t seem to agree with the case being so public.

In an interview, the dance hall artist, Sean Paul, shared his views on the matter and why he doesn’t agree with the publicity this particular case is getting. Sean mentions that making the case public is teaching the Jamaican youths that you can escape the law once you have status in the country.

“I don’t know if socially and culturally it make… to me a person, the person is in prison he is appealing there are many appeals,” Sean Paul stated trying to indicate that the case is just like any other appeal but is only getting noticed because of Kartel’s status. “Because my father had an appeal and no one cared about it except his own family.”

“Socially I don’t want it to… I think for kids or younger people to be looking at it… it’s a little bit of a mind mess up you know what I mean. Because you can’t a catch the vibe as a kid that… the law is easy to get around but we do have that in Jamaica because there are many cases that the law is sitting there staring you in the face and clearly there is something that has gone wrong and the people walk.” Sean continued as he went on to explain why he is concerned about the publicity the appeal is getting.

“I can’t talk on Kartel’s case because I don’t know him personally, I’ve only met him two times in my life,”Sean Paul explains. “I think he is an amazing talent, but as the court case… I wish it wouldn’t be such a public thing.”

Sean Paul explains in the interview that the point he is trying to get across is that a murder case appeal shouldn’t be so public, because the youths and other potential criminals might get the wrong impression and think they can escape the law if caught in a crime. The dance hall legend continues to say that public opinion is influencing Vybz Kartel’s appeal case and “to me socially that’s a sad thing.” Fans of the Worl’ Boss disagree with some of Sean’s statements.