A video posted by Shenseea of her dancing and Romeich ‘slapping’ her butt while they were out partying at Dream Weekend 2018, have fans and onlookers assuming that the two may just be dating.

The video shows Shenseea dancing to Vybz Kartel’s “Under Water” before Romeich slapped her buttocks. A few onlookers stopped by to comment under the post saying, “Lmao that slap that he gave her confirmed they be f**king. N***a hit her with a “wait till we back at the hotel “ slap,” was one post. Another onlooker commented, “So wait? Bosses can just slap workers on their ass now? Lol something personal is definitely going on with them.”

Not everyone believes that this gesture implies that the two are dating. Some fans suggest that the slap is just harmless fun. “She posted other stories but everyone gotta be posting this with the slap all to stir up trouble! Y’all are sooo damn messy 😂,” a fan commented.