Using Snapchat filters have become a trend for the younger generation, however some users of the app may have taken the filters to a different level. Users are now going under the knife to make their favorite filter a real, permanent part of their faces.

Snapchat dysphoria is a growing trend that is seeing a rise in young people wanting to look like their Snapchat selfies in real life. “I couldn’t help noticing the way the Snapchat filter changed my face,” 26-year-old Crystal stated. “It enhanced my chin, contoured my cheekbones, and straightened out my nose, which was something I had always been self-conscious about.”

Crystal’s procedure resulted in her having fillers injected into her nose and under her eyes. “People don’t realise that I’ve had anything done; they just think I lost weight or something.”

As for the doctor who did Crystal’s work, he said it’s always better to have a photo of the patient to work off of. “I prefer working off a real photo of someone, because they have a sense of what they might look like with fillers or Botox,” Dr David Mabrie said. “They don’t have an unrealistic expectation that they’re going magically to transform into Kylie Jenner.”