With her daughter’s forth studio album set to be released next week, Mama Miraj seems to have other priorities besides trying to keep a cool air for her already heavily criticized daughter.

Mama Miraj posted on her Twitter account that she will be be sharing all the shocking news concerning her son, Nicki’s brother, Jelani’s rape case. Jelani is currently facing 25 years in prison for allegations made by his ex-wife for predatory sexual assault and for endangering the welfare of a child; the victim in the case being his 11-year-old stepdaughter. Jelani has since been found guilty, but his sister kept silent about the drama since Jelani was convicted back in 2017. Fans of Nicki seemingly wish that mama Miraj would do the same.

“Watch the Hip-Hop ‘Hood Report with Charles Fisher & the “Fitness Sheriff” as I share the SHOCKING NEWS the COURT DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW in a TELL ALL INTERVIEW about my son’s TRIAL on (8/8-11pm)(8/11-3pm) Channel 20 Optimum, Channel 37 Verizon. STREAM@http://patv.org/livestream,” was the tweet Carol Miraj posted on Twitter that was immediately followed by tweets from the Barbz asking her not to do the interview while Nicki’s album is still in the pipeline.

“Now is not the time,do it after Nicki’s album..she is the most hated female rapper in the industry right now and they criticize her for what jelani did every damn day,” a fan tweeted.

“dont stop our happines with this lets enjoy the album ..u know how the media and world is gonna come for onika,” another fan posted.