The Queen of dance hall, Spice, is confident that the King, Vybz Kartel, would soon return to ‘run’ dance hall with her.

In an interview with Anthony Miller from ER, the ‘sheet’ dance hall artist stated that she was positive Kartel will soon return to the outside world.

“Everybody know say Kartel soon come a road no question ask,” Spice said. “Me and you and God know say Kartel soon drop a road, so with the appeal me just a wait to see him come a road and me [naan] stop say free the World Boss.”

“Kartel big up yourself me boss because yo soon come a road, Spice love love you like that remember say you a me ‘Romping Shop’ partner and when you drop a road a me and you and God know say the music nice already but it ago nice over and over and over again.”

Romping Shop (a song presented by Kartel and Spice) made it to Billboard and there is no doubt in Spice’s mind that together, Kartel and herself would make more Billboard worthy music. Other artists like Sean Paul also voiced their opinion on the Kartel’s murder case.

Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting the verdict of his appeal that was made last month.