Christopher Martin has been giving back to his roots for years now but this year his mission was to tile the Grades 1 and 2 classrooms of his former primary school, Watermount Primary School. The students will be welcomed back to school next semester with a brand new flooring in their learning area.

Chris expressed that the school is where it all started for him making him more than happy to give back. Christopher Martin attended the primary school back in 1993-1999.

“This was where it all started for me. It has a very special place in my heart. This is where the real moulding of Christopher Martin all started. This is where I learnt the basic things in life honesty and loyalty, not just book work, but all the fundamentals you need to go through life,” Chris expressed.

He does not plan to stop there, Chris has been giving back to the school since 2015 and recently committed to tiling the floors for all the other classrooms too. His timing was impeccable as well, since the school is getting ready to launch a new curriculum, the National Standard Curriculum, that may require the kids to be on the floor from time to time during learning activities according to school officials.