Rumors of a possible split between Tony Matterhorn and his wife Bella surfaced after the two posted single shots without the other in the photo after Dream Weekend in Jamaica.

“How comes Tony just a upload bay single photos suh like seh him single?,” one user commented after viewing the pictures, “Last time i checked his wife was also in Jamaica for Dream Weekend but i don’t see them uploading any pics together.. seems like dem lef.”

Tony shut down the rumors by uploading pictures of him and his beautiful wife. The pictures received praises by fans and some even gave the ‘Goodas’ singer advice.

“You shoulda mek di dutty crablous dem gwan chat…. some p****y fi mine dem business and go chuck sideways inna dem big long p****y madda dirty hole.. [Tony Matterhorn] never let these clowns daw you out,” a fan advised him.