‘The Meg’ is already chomping through all underestimated expectations as it racks up roughly 120% more than analysts estimated it would make at box office.

The American-Chinese co-production between Warner Bros. and China’s Gravity Pictures debuted well overseas, taking in $50.3 million in China and totaling $96.8 million internationally. The Meg has proven Spike Lee’s best debut in a decade. The shark thriller costed approximately $130 million to make and is already on it’s way to make a profit and not a loss.

When asked about The Meg, Jeff Goldstein (distribution chef at Warner Bros.) stated, “This was a fun, dumb popcorn movie that just looked interesting to the public everywhere around the world. We dug our heels in and said: This is the right time to go. The last movie, as kids are going back to school. All the big blockbusters have played off. We’re in a space by ourselves.”

Traditionally a sleepy time at the box office, August has helped cement a comeback summer for the movie business. Weekend business was up 25% from last year, and the summer is up 11.3%. For Warner Bros., which on Wednesday will release the highly touted “Crazy Rich Asians,” ”The Meg” is the studio’s best opening this year, besting even Spielberg’s own “Ready Player One.”