Jamaican dance hall artist now formally known as Versatile officially changed his stage name to Versi, in an attempt to stand out a bit more, especially via online searches.

“Though the name ‘Versatile’ which means ‘the ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances’ is fitting based on my artistic talent. It still proves difficult especially when people are searching for my content online and it’s based on this reason I have decided to officially change my name to ‘Versi’,” he said.

Versi believes that the new name change would make it easy for fans to find him when searching for him online.

“The name is not a major change, many people already refer to me as ‘Versi’ in the streets because you know how Jamaicans are, they always shortening people name, so the only real difference is that I am now making it official,” Versi explained.

Versi also dropped a music video featuring Bounty Killer saying that the song, The Voice, is one that people who had to deal with fake friends can relate to easily.