A request for payment was sent to Tyrese Gibson by his ex-wife Norma Gibson for him to pay her divorce attorney, the response he sent back to her is nothing short of amusing.

Tyrese Gibson dropped a very specific document showing why he can not afford to pay Norma’s divorce attorney. In the document, Tyrese says he’s dropping about nearly $114k each month for his mortgage, child care, groceries, utilities and $10k in child support payments to Norma, which is a bit worrying since the actor only makes $51,000 per month. Tyrese appears to be biting off more than he can chew with his spending and this document doesn’t even include money he spends on himself personally.

Tyrese is blaming his ex-wife for his deplete in income, saying the negative coverage he got last year when she accused him of domestic violence makes it harder for him to get booked for an acting job. To wrap it all up, Tyrese is currently expecting another baby with his new wife Samantha and the baby is due to be born next month.