Sting and Shaggy originally teamed up after Shaggy asked Sting to guest star on the song “Dont Make Me Wait” but the duo released that working together just ‘felt right’.

They eventually found themselves making more than just one song together and now they have an album, 44/876, that has undoubtedly taken the charts by storm. The album which was released April 20 dethroned Santigold’s ‘I Dont Want: the Gold Fire Sessions’. Santigold has held the #1 spot for a week prior to being kicked off by Sting and Shaggy.

When asked about how the masterpiece collaboration came about, the duo explained, “I think after about four weeks we had 20 songs,” Sting said. (“Don’t Make Me Wait” ultimately became the first single from the album.). “When magic happens, it just happens, brother,” Shaggy said. “I mean, there’s no other way I can explain this, you know what I mean? Because you do everything in life off feeling and energy. And the energy with me and Sting was just right. It just felt right. Everything about it felt right. You know, I had an album slated to come out in December. I put it back to do this because it felt right. We had tours to do, we canceled them and came together because it felt right. Everything felt right.”