The well-known “prophet” that steps foot on Vincentian shores every now and then to “bless” those who attend his services by taking their cash has been caught up in a paternity case in Canada.

The Canadian-based Ghanaian minister, Martin Kofi Danso who successfully emptied the pockets of some Vincentian Christians who attended his service at the Russells Auditorium last year, is currently in paternity court denying his 6 month-old child in Canada, after a DNA test proved he indeed fathered the child. Danso claims he never engaged in sexual intercourse with, Chris-Ann Bartley- the mother of the child in question (also a member of one of his 17 churches). Besides his 6 month-old son, Martin fathers four children with his wife, JoAnne Danso, a reverend of the church.

Martin’s lawyer, Daniel Robertson argued with the judge that Martin’s case requires anonymity since his client would face “emotional harm and stress” if the accusations were to reach a broader audience. Justice Fred Myers of the Ontario Superior Court reportedly dismissed the pastor’s request to extend a publication ban and sealing order on a court file related to allegations he fathered a child with Bartley.

“He’s a public figure … he is not someone who will not be harmed by certain allegations,” Daniel argued.

“It cuts both ways, doesn’t it?” the judge asked, directing the question to Daniel Robertson. “That also brings about the possibility of a public interest when somebody’s out there with 17 churches raising charitable money and tells a couple of big, fat whoppers in a sworn affidavit.”

While in St.Vincent, he asked persons to sow “age seeds” — giving the equivalent of their age in cash to his ministry in order to receive a special blessing from God. He also asked persons who were having trouble conceiving to “sow” especially so that he can pray for them to have a child.

For other blessings, persons were asked to “sow” EC$1,000. Some persons who were leaving the event before “blessing” the “prophet” with their cash, were reprimanded for doing so, with Danso saying that he had blessed them with his preaching, but they were leaving without blessing him with his cash.