Way back in 2016, director Peter Berg announced his plans to film a documentary on Rihanna, described as “more a character study than a music film.” Since then, further details concerning the project have been scant. But in a newly published interview for his Mark Wahlberg film Mile 22, Berg confirmed that Rihanna is well on its way.

“I think she’s an extraordinary young woman,” he told SlashFilm. “It really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile of what goes in to making her this talent that she is.” Better yet, Berg revealed that the documentary is set to release very, very soon, saying “the movie will be out in about a month and half, two months we’ll be able to start showing it.”

It’s not the only upcoming foray into FentyCinema. Earlier this week, Rih was spotted on set with Donald Glover in Cuba filming a new movie Guava Island. The new documentary Rihanna will be the second time Berg has worked with Bad Gal, the first being his 2012 action flick Battleship.