Team Spice dancer, Rebel, who is currently in Europe on tour with the ‘Queen Of Dance Hall’ along with the other Team Spice dancers, was bored and felt a little troublesome a few days ago. Rebel took to her Instagram throwing jabs and D’Angel and Macka Diamond since she was #bored.

“Me waa me relationship strong like how D’Angel believe inna r Fashion!,” Rebel wrote. “And me just waaa skin clean like Macka head side, Am bored today” she wrote with three laughing emojis.

Macka Diamond hasn’t responded to the post but D’Angel couldn’t let the jab slide. D’Angel ensured that Rebel and critics knew that she was here to stay in an Instagram post of her posing in her “fashion forward” outfit with the caption, “I Am Here To Stay And So Does My Fashion …hun.”

D’Angel’s hairstylist and fashion designer also chimed in, “@dangelmusic I don’t see NUH OTHER team that can CROSS US STRAIGHT UP.. HAIRSTYLE BY ME of course OUTFIT STYLE BY MA BESTEST @stephaniefashionn @dangelmusic goodie u never back down pon nuh style that’s been given to u yet, cuz a u say very CONFIDENT and PASSIONATE about ANYTHING that you doing✔️weh some SICK STOMACH team need unuh need a bloodclat POWER HOSE fi wash dung unuh DIRTY BODY ms SCORN dem”