Traditionally, when a bouquet is thrown at a wedding, it is welcomed by eager women wishing that they would be next in line to wed, Rihanna however, is not that woman.

A video of the superstar dodging the bouquet at her friend’s wedding went viral illustrates that Riri is definitely not willing to be next in line to get married. Rihanna was a proud bridesmaid at her best friend, Sonita’s wedding just days before she was expected to be at the VMAs. Sonita Alexander got married to the love of her life, Raymond Walker and her best friend was not about to miss out on the celebration.

In the video, Rihanna was seen walking through the crowd wearing a blue down dress and sporting a low, sleek pony tail with a little bling on the band as she went to ground while the bouquet was being tossed, before getting up and walking off like nothing happened.

A fan posted the video on twitter with the caption, ‘Rihanna petty She ducked when her bestfriend threw the wedding bouquet.’

The dodge quickly became a ‘mood’ to other fans.

‘At her friends wedding, Rihanna ducked when she threw the bouquet 😂 if that ain’t me,’ one fan tweeted.

‘rihanna ducked during the bouquet toss at sonita’s wedding 😭😭😭 my girl,’ another fan tweeted.

See video below: