Beenie Man was recently put back on the hot seat being accused of paying someone $100,000 to kill iconic dancer, Bogle.

These allegations resurfaced when Labba Labba brought up the over a decade-old rumor in a recent interview. In the claims, Labba Labba states that Beenie hired a hitman to kill Bogle because of Bogle disrespected the King of the Dance Hall back in the early 2000’s. Bogle, whose real name is Gerald Levy, was shot and killed by unknown assailants on motorcycles on January 20, 2005, after stopping at a stop light in Kingston.

When the rumors first surfaced, Beenie Man had to flee his home country Jamaica and even went as far as offering a cash reward of $1 Million to anyone who could come forward with any information that would lead towards the arrest of the murderers. Now Beenie has to try to shut down the same rumors again, 13 years later.

During an interview with Winford Williams on OnStage, Beenie explained that he was not even questioned for the murder nor is he above the law, “No entertainers and no artist is above getting charge for murder in Jamaica or be convicted. The police did their thorough investigation. They questioned who they should question, and they never questioned me, I was never brought to a police station, there is no evidence pointing to show that I was involved in any way at all.”