Close friend of Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande just had to add fuel to the fire in the Nicki Minaj VS Travis Scott feud.

Grande made the remark that “You don’t know what Travis could pull!” just days before her Sweetener album release at an event. The statement was followed by backlash (obviously) and Ariana was quick to tweet that she was just joking.

“i adore travis & kylie and i love the astroworld album a joke issa joke watch the video, stop using me for clickbait so i can come online n celebrate my number one too pls ! hip hip hooray !” Ariana tweeted on Thursday (Aug. 23).

“also everything literally almost everything i say i say for comedic effect and am never serious …. like i’m always “on”…. if ever u think i’m being shady i’m jus goin for the laugh ….. if i’m being fr shady you’ll know i’m a v loving lil babe,” she tweeted in a followup post.

Loyalty is clearly key player in Nicki and Grande’s friendship since it was only days after Minaj called out Travis Scott for bundling his Astroworld album with concert tickets and merchandise, Grande threw shade at the Travis as well.