Worldwide superstar, Ed Sheeran, is finding it a bit difficult to crack the the French market and turned to dance hall artist, Sean Paul, for some advice on how to widen his fan base in the Parisian market.

In an attempt to help Ed, Sean Paul suggested that the two do a collaboration. During an interview, Sean Paul, 45, said: “Me and Ed spoke about doing something, we were in Paris and I do well there and he’s doing well everywhere but there. So I said, ‘maybe we can do a song as I’m doing well in Paris but not so much everywhere else’ – he’s an option I’d love to explore to work with. He seemed up for that, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t know why you do better in certain places but that’s how it works.”

Sean Paul has a history of making hit collaborations with artists like Rihanna, Beyonce and Sia, just to name a few. Sean was recently going to do a collaboration with Rita Ora and Shakira but for his a track on his EP ‘Mad Love The Prequel’ but had to go with Becky G due to scheduling conflicts and legal issues for RIta Ora and Shakira respectfully. The singer-and-producer also had to ditch a collaboration with rapper Cardi B from the nine-track release because it wasn’t working out.