50 Cent’s most recent legendary hit, ‘Power’ a TV series that has almost everyone on the edge of their seats had a surprising twist in the last episode that removed 50 Cent’s character, Kanan, but 50 is positive the show would go on. Good news for Nicki Minaj since she rapped about 50 only wanting to talk about Power in her last album, Queen.

50’s character, Kanan, was killed during a shootout with police but fans weren’t phased since they all knew Kana died doing what he loved most. 50 was questioned in the wake of his character’s departure and inquired about the series’ ultimate fate. 50 remains confident that his series will continue to thrive, as fans remain invested in the overall story and world-building. Plus, his presence will continue to be felt as the show’s executive producer, so it’s not as if he’s completely removed from the process. “It’ll keep going, it’ll be successful,” says 50, “I think it’ll keep going.”

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