Gucci Mane has been previously ordered to pay $2,026 in child support and he has visitation rights to his son as well, but since his lavish lifestyle recently got lavisher his baby mama thinks her son’s child support should too.

Sheena Evans, mother to Gucci’s son Keitheon, is now requesting that the court up the child support to $20,000 a month. According to court documents, Evans claims there has been a “significant change in circumstances” since 2011. Gucci’s $1 million wedding — and its coinciding special that aired on BET — are among the numerous examples cited as proof of his ability to afford more than the current $2,000 rate.

Evans claims that she is unable to work or go to school as their son requires a caregiver, which she can’t afford. In addition to the increase in monthly support, she’s also asking Gucci to take out a $5 million life insurance policy.