Beenie Man celebrated 40 years of being in the music industry a few weeks ago and sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra MistaJam to reminisce about his life throughout the years.

The interview ran for almost a full hour going into topics like Beenie’s personal life to his music career. One thing the King of the Dance Hall did not forget to mention is that he’s the ‘original girls them sugar’, so making music about the ladies came easy for him over the years. Beenie recalls where it all stared for him, telling the world that he used to collect 48 Tastee’s patties every weekend and sell them for $0.50 along with a bread making $0.75 off each sale. The patties used to be sold off within two days according to Beenie. Beenie also stated that his known ‘swag’ also came from those days along with his professionalism, he explained that he used to buy cloth and have his clothes tailored and always showed up on time to sell his patties, two features he took with him into the music industry.

Beenie Man was told as a child by a producer that he would like to have Beenie on all of the tapes and that was the start of Beenie’s first album. He also spoke about him getting involved with the wrong crowd and ended up in prison as a result of criminal acts.

The full interview can be viewed below.