During a recent tour stop in Atlanta as Bey and Jay-Z were exiting the stage, they were joined by a drunk fan 26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell who seemed like he just wanted to get close to The Carters.

After successfully touching Hova, Anthony was removed from the stage by security and slapped with a citation for disorderly conduct and released but police followed up with a charge of battery. Despite the charges and the spotlight being on Anthony, the fan remains unapologetic and took to Facebook to express that he still looks good. Strange? Maybe a litle bit. The post read, “Still look good, I look […] wish you could touch my swag wish you could,” he captioned three photos of himself. In another post, Anthony alludes at having an issue with one of the security guards and wanting to fight him “one on one,” explaining how the issue was between “me and him.” There’s no word on where Anthony’s battery charge will take him or if he’s called on a lawyer.