Future went all out for his baby mama on her birthday leaving critics to believe the two are engaged!

Why would we think they’re engaged because he went all out for her birthday? Well, because when a woman sports a diamond ring on her left ring finger after a day spent with her boo, engagement speculations will arise. Brittni isn’t sporting just one huge rock on her finger though, the entrepreneur copped two completely iced rings from her baby daddy, Future. As if that wasn’t enough to gift his ‘queen’ with for her birthday, the ‘honest’ rapper put a two-toned Rolex and icy bracelets on the Brittni’s wrists along with a diamond necklace around her neck. Talk about an icy birthday in summer!

Brittni celebrated her 31st birthday with a trip via private jet compliments of Future as well. This could be perceived as a triumph for Brittni, who was previously in a war of words with her fellow baby mama Joie Chavez, who also has a baby with Bow Wow. He also has children with Jessica Smith, India J, and R&B songstress Ciara — who dated Bow Wow back in 2011 – making Future Hendrix a father of five.

Future posted a video of him kissing Brittni on her check and declaring that she is his ‘queen’ on his Instagram account a week before the trip.