Comedian, Tiffany Haddish, mostly known for her role in ‘Girls Trip’ usually has the room roaring with laughs whenever she opens her mouth but lately she’s been putting in her two cents in more serious topics.

Tiffany recently shared her opinion about choosing sexual partners through an Instagram post. The photo is a graphic illustration of her point. It shows a demonic figure going downtown on a woman’s body. The meme asks the reader a few questions about their sex partner.

“When a man/woman makes love to you, is he/she blessing you or is he/she cursing you? Are they bitter, happy, do they love themself, does he/she love youSex is a ritual of exchanging energies, thoughts, emotions & spirits. During sex you become a spiritual sponge for the consciousness & energy of the person…Be mindful of the True Power Sex Posses. Demons do exist & they will suck your soul out of you. ‘LITERALLY’.”

The comedienne adds her opinion in her caption that shows off her God-fearing side. “I refuse to allow someone to drain the life out of me. I can do that myself. I will wait for God to send me the one that recharges me. Thank You very much. Until then GO Away Satan in the name of Jesus.!!!!”

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