The name Safaree Samuels can be linked to many things like Nicki Minaj and Love And Hip Hop but he’s also known for his manhood.

Safaree’s lengthy “eggplant” just landed him a 7-figure deal with one of the top sex toy makers, Doc Johnson. The company is 40 years deep into the quality, hand-crafted sex toy game, so Safaree’s dimensions should be in great hands. Doc Johnson’s deal with Safaree included creating a life-sized mold of his manhood. Pre-orders begin in December, and the toys will ship just in time for Valentine’s Day according to reports. Safaree and his female fans are equally excited for the release since Doc Johnson’s website crashed just moments after they announced the option to be notified when the pre-orders are ready was up.

Congratz to Safaree on his new sex toy deal!