The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘beer’ is usually alcohol, but what if I tell you there’s a company that’s brewing an alcohol-free beer that is infused with marijuana instead. Would you believe that?

Well you better since there is indeed weed beer brewing over at Two Roots Brewing Company. The company is already spending millions of dollars to get the marijuana-infused beverage into the hands of consumers, Two Roots is also fighting countless rules and regulations to make the drink a reality but notes that the effects of the beer only lasts about 90 minutes.

According to the Two Roots website, “Two Roots offers consumers a responsibly formulated (micro- dosed) beverage that emulates the rapid onset of alcohol as well as its rapid dissipation from the body. And we believe such a product will help break down or eliminate the fear factor that has so much of the population still wary of trying cannabis infused products. Non-alcoholic beer is good for you. Filled with electrolytes and carbohydrates, in some senses it’s more closely related to a sports drink. unlike alcohol, no damaged brain cells and no hangovers! Uniting cannabis with craft quality beer, Two Roots Brewing Co. will catalyze a positive shift in perceptions of cannabis for both medical and adult-use users.”

The marijuana-infused beer comes in 5 different flavors with rather interesting names attached: Lager (Enough Said), Stout (RCG), North West IPA (Road Scholar), Blonde Ale (Sonder) and Wheat (Tropical Infamy). With recreational marijuana legal in 9 states in the US and medical marijuana legal in 30 states, they’re expected get their hands on the drink way before we do in SVG. Food for thought: would this beverage be deemed legal in SVG?

There are already marijuana-infused pastries and candies worldwide, but a marijuana beer? That’s a first.