For those of you who thought Kanye West was joking when he announced at the VMAs a few years ago that he would be running for presidency, you can stop laughing now because Kanye was being completely serious.

If you recall correctly, the original plan Kanye announced was that he would be running for presidency in 2020 but as his bond with current USA president, Donald Trump grows, West has reconsidered his plan and is now waiting out the 4 years so he wouldn’t have to go against his buddy. During a talk with DJ Pharris on Power 92 Chicago, Ye informed the world that he is pushing back his presidential bid to 2024.

Kanye seems entirely confident too, stating, “If I decide to do it, it will be done. I’m not going to try. Yes, 100 percent it could happen… 2024.” Highsnobiety reported on the news, noting that Yeezy’s primary concern will be healthcare. While he’s down with Trump economic prowess, saying, “Trump ain’t fuckin’ up the paper,” he would like to improve certain policies pertaining to the medical system.