Despite the fact that the original oreo, chocolate cookie with cream filling, is a huge snack success across the globe, the makers of oreos just seem to always be trying to outdo themselves!

Over the years, Oreo has been releasing some very questionable, out of the ordinary cookie flavors but this recent release is definitely in the top 5 of weirdest oreo flavors. Oreo has been the canvas for flavors like: strawberry milkshake, cookie dough, caramel apple and…wait for it, waffles and syrup, limeade, cherry cola, watermelon, they even recently announced ice cream flavors like Rocky Road and Strawberry Shortcake.

Parent company Mondelez International announced the launch of the new flavors (hot wings and wasabi) available to consumers in China earlier this week, and as you can probably imagine, the social media reaction was swift and passionate. The company posted an image of the two new Oreos on Twitter, complete with a caption that simply read, “Innovation sensation: #TeamMDLZ@Oreo just launched two new BIG and BOLD flavors in #China: Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi!” The cookies look exactly as you would think they would: the Hot Chicken Wing flavor has a bright orange filling, while Wasabi features bright green cream.

Disclaimer: these two new flavors may not pair well with milk.