Dance hall artist, Pamputtae has had it with the critics trying to defame her name because a married man fathered one of her children.

Following the release of her new song ‘Single Mothers’, people who are aware that her second child was fathered by a married man began to shame Pamputtae saying she’s responsible for her own single-mother situation. Pamputtae responded to the critics earlier this week for putting her on blast, saying that the message she was trying to get across has nothing to do with the fact that she was involved with a man that was already married at the time.

“Even if me breed fi somebody husband or somebody man or whatsoever, that shouldn’t be people’s focus. This is a song about what mothers go through with her children when a man decides to walk away,” she said. “One hand can’t clap, and the children are innocent. A we as adults go trouble dem, so me don’t think dem supposed to suffer because of our decisions. No one knows what the future holds. Sometimes we find ourselves in some relationship we never expect, and we think things are going to work out, but they don’t. But because they don’t and children come into play, while things a fall apart don’t mean the children should suffer.”

Single mother video can be viewed below.