The coalition of global organisations organized by the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, and Virgin Atlantic’s founder, Sir Richard Branson announced a project that is aimed at making the Caribbean the first climate-smart region in the world that is to be funded by a US $8 billion investment plan.

According to the World Bank, the project aims to help the Caribbean islands eliminate their dependency on costly fossil fuels, moving closer towards the goal of using 100% renewable energy sources. Sean Paul and Usain Bolt have been hand-picked as the Caribbean’s accelerator ambassadors toward climate change.

This isn’t the first step Sean Paul has taken towards responding to climate change in a positve way since the dance hall artist addressed the issue at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, France back in 2015. “In a big land mass like the USA, maybe the effect sometimes, we don’t see it as much as we do in an island like Jamaica. But the summers are definitely getting hotter in Jamaica than when I was a kid,” Sean said.

He also added that he wouldn’t like to “leave the earth” knowing that his children and grandchildren would be inheriting a real threat and he didn’t do anything help.