Talk about a super-fan! An Ice Cube fan recently took the word ‘fan’ to a whole new level on September 2.

22 year-old Daniel Elizarraras fired shots into a crowd when he was informed that tickets to witness Ice Cube perform at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in Del Mar, California, following the last race at the horse racing track, were completely sold out. Police returned fire, striking the suspect who was later hospitalized. Daniel Elizarraras is currently in stable condition. Audio from the incident was captured on video, during a broadcast of the race. “There is gunfire from the track,” one of the commentators can be heard saying.

Despite the bizarre incident, Ice Cube did go on to take part in his post-race concert. During the show, he performed “You Can Do It,” “We Be Clubbin’,” and a handful of his other renown classics.