Bill Cosby is already well on his way to the possible conviction of life behind bars but his former lawyer just had to add another case against Bill.

Bill Cosby was convicted of raping former Temple University employee Andrea Constand earlier this year. The assault took place in 2004, and was one of the only cases that the courts could pursue against Cosby that occurred within the statue of limitations. Close to sixty women came forward to claim Cosby had sexually assaulted them over decades. The disgraced comedian allegedly drugged Constand before sleeping with her at his Pennsylvania home. The entire case was highly televised, and Cosby’s sentencing will take place on September 24.

Just when you would think that’s all there is to break Cosby down, a philadelphia-based firm Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis is suing Cosby for refusing to pay over 50k in legal services. Samuel Silver, who represented the firm, was one of Cosby’s lawyers before he dropped out prior to the court date earlier this year. Silver worked alongside Michael Jackson’s former lawyer Tom Mesereau, and both men joined Cosby’s legal team last August. Silver left the team around January, amounting to five months of pay. He also represented the comedian on several other occasions, which has also been added to the invoice.