New York-born Cicely Tyson, 93, is one of most respected African-American actresses in show business, appearing in films, plays, and television, including recent roles in “The Help,” and “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Tyson will be awarded an honorary Oscar.

Academy President John Bailey said in a statement, “Choosing the honorees for its awards each year is the happiest of all the Board of Governors’ work, And this year, its selection of five iconic artists was made with universal acclaim by the Academy’s 54 spirited governors.”

Cicely Tyson began her career in 1957 and has been working ever since. As of lately she can be seen in the hit show “How to Get Away with Murder.” Tyson is famed for playing the characters of strong African-American women, which also included a role in the hugely-watched 1970s television mini-series, Roots. It focused on a African-American family’s enslavement and ultimate liberation. Tyson was a model before turning to acting, and was married to musician Miles Davis during the 1980s.