Kanye West was dubbed the first ever ‘Creative Director’ for the first ever Pornhub Awards this year following his reply when he was asked by Jimmy Kimmel if having daughters changed his views on women in any way.

Kanye bluntly responded, “Nah, I still look at Pornhub,” and was awarded with a free Pornhub lifetime premium membership shortly after. Following the interview, it was reported that the adult video content site is in talks with West to serve as a ‘creative director’ of the first ever Pornhub Awards. According to a Page Six source, ‘there are some insane negotiations going on’ for West to lend his creative influence to the awards.

The first ever Pornhub Awards will use data from its site to determine winners of the X-rated categories, as opposed to the traditional adult-industry professionals and judges. The awards show has already attracted attention for its plan to broadcast the ceremony in four 360-degree virtual reality streams and to allow viewers to experience the ceremony through Pornhub’s Oasis VR, a social virtual reality world where users can interact with each other through avatars.